FireWire gets a speed boost, but USB will catch up in time


FireWire versus USB isn’t exactly the most exciting of format wars — we are talking about data cables, after all. Most people use one or the other for connecting all manner of digital paraphernalia to their PC (and more often than not, USB 2.0) but probably don’t give the underlying technology much of a though.

FireWire, pioneered by the likes of Apple and Sony, has had a bit of a rough ride. It appeared almost ubiquitously on Apple computers and Sony camcorders, and would have been familiar to early adopters of the iPod, but has since fallen from favour somewhat, with Apple downgrading many of their FireWire ports from the faster 800Mbps to slower 400Mbps standard…

Europe funding Bittorrent-like internet TV standard

eurovision-bittorrent-european-tv-service.jpgYou know Bittorrent? The evil scourge of the media world? Well, it’s being pursued by the EU as a possible standard for distributing TV online throughout Europe. Bittorrent’s going LEGIT.

The hope is to establish a Europe-wide standard for online delivery of telly, based around the Bittorrent format, which will provide access to stored archive material and streamed live events – and the P2P nature of it all will help stop the servers crashing on Eurovision night or when Manchester United plays Barcelona…

Dell happy with pre-standard 802.11n Wi-Fi equipment

wifi.pngDell has defended its decision to join the growing number of manufacturers releasing high-speed Wi-Fi equipment based on the draft 802.11n specification.

Given the amount of gadgetry already on the market you’d be forgiven for thinking the standard was near completion, but in fact it isn’t due to be ratified until March 2009.

Liam Quinn, Dell’s chief technology officer for communications, security, peripherals and systems, told ZDNet that it doesn’t really matter that the standard hasn’t been finalised yet.