Make St. Patrick's Day extra memorable with our top 10 drinking gadgets…

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day, and although that probably has some great significance to many, in my experience it’s mainly an annual excuse for people to drink heavily and wear green.

But that doesn’t mean you have to forget about tech for the day – no siree! Before you go out to celebrate one of Ireland’s patron Saints, be prepared for anything with our top 10 drinking gadgets! We’ve scoured the web for the most inventive, unusual, fun and simply baffling devices to help the day go off with a bang.

So sit back, grab a brew and click the frosty pint below to begin the tour…

Alan Martin

BARGAIN OF THE WEEK: D-Link goodies on St.Patrick's Day


St. Patrick’s Day is an utter mystery to me. I completely understand the celebrations in Ireland and slightly appreciate why people in London might want to raise a glass but as for the massive event it is in the States, well, that’s a just a straight piss up, isn’t it? I suppose he’s more the patron saint of drinking rather than anything else.

Anyway, for all those of Irish decent in New York and Chicago and all the millions of hangers on looking for a laugh, I have a bargain of the week for you courtesy of D-Link who has decided to save you some green on their green products while the rivers of America are dyed green and people in the streets slowly turn green themselves. Are you getting the connection?

The point is that they’re offering 10% off whole bunch of routers…