Twitter at work with SpreadTweet


If you work in a big corporate office and you crave Twitter salvation, but it’s been banned by the small-minded IT department, then I’ve got the solution for you. Spreadtweet. It’s an interface for Twitter that looks just like Microsoft Excel.

It comes in several flavours – OSX Office, Office 2003 and Office 2007, and it uses Adobe Air for the backend, but it’s relatively speedy and fully operational as a Twitter client. The developer admits that it’s “probably not” legal, so grab it while you can.

SpreadTweet (via @bryonyb)

Microsoft planning Office for iPhone?


Microsoft is planning an iPhone version of Office, if you believe the President of Microsoft Business Division, Stephen Elop. He has hinted that Office might be making its way to Apple’s smartphone sooner, rather than later.

Several unofficial solutions are available – Quickoffice being the most recent – but officially, users can only read Office files – not edit them. There’s no Microsoft app.

When questioned further on how soon an iPhone office client would be available, Elop took a step back, saying “not yet, keep watching”. in the meantime, users will be provided a web version of Office over the next couple of years, so hold tight for that.

(via TechCrunch)