REVIEW: Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 Premium Edition (PC)

Just as the clickity-clackity sound of the humble typewriter was superseded by the tip-tap of the PC keyboard, could we soon replace even this staple PC accessory with merely the power of our voices? That's more-or-less the idea behind the Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 Premium speech recognition software from Nuance, offering advanced dictation and hands-free PC navigation controls. Is it time to unplug your keyboard and warm up your vocal chords? Read on to find out

Like Japanese food? Get the Motoman industrial robot to cook it for you


Visitors to the International Next-Generation Robot Fair in Osaka who get a bit peckish can head over to the stand where the Motoman SDA10 robot has demonstrated its culinary abilities.

This two-armed robot can do a range of things, and cooking okonomiyaki is just one thing on its impressive resumé. It’s even more impressive because it can take orders from customers using speech recognition technology and then create the dish using standard kitchen utensils. It even flips the pancake-like dish…

YouTube trials speech-to-text function, making videos more searchable


YouTube has developed technology to automatically transcribe speech from a video’s audio track, and then embed that text into the video.

The process has been tested on speeches by John McCain and Barack Obama, and allows users to search for key words (such as “Iraq” or “free trade”) which will then bring up the exact position in each video where that phrase is spoken. The transcript is then available in the timeline underneath the video…

FineDigital launching sat-nav with speech recognition


FineDigital has announced the imminent launch of its FineDrive Bio satellite navigation device which is able to respond to a user’s voice commands rather than needing to be tapped.

Using “Fine Speech Recongiser” technology from ETRI, which stores up to 450,000 words in its dictionary, users can speak their destination. It’s not clear whether they can also issue commands while driving, such as switching the map view or getting other statistics, but that would be very useful, and safer…