Sonos adds support for Soundcloud

Sonos has announced the addition of Soundcloud as a supported service on its systems - joining the likes of Spotify, Google Play Music and Deezer. Sonos's range of speaker systems are at the top end of the market - offering a wifi home-streaming music system capable of playing music in different rooms of your house…

Soundcloud makes sharing music files easy peasy


Do you work in, or closely with, music? Do you regularly find yourself trying to send music files to people, and having difficulty due to the multi-MB nature of most music files? Yeah, I know, email sucks – but so does linking someone to a MySpace, especially if it’s a file that you don’t necessarily want on public release.

Or perhaps you’re a DJ, and you want to share mixes with people you know. Not publicly, just to close friends, or people on a mailing list. In either case, what you need is a recently-launched site called Soundcloud.