Sony Ericsson W715 – SHINY VIDEO REVIEW

I’m not a huge fan of Sony Ericsson handsets on the whole but that’s got nothing to do with them and more to do with my mind setting like concrete the day I first started using a Nokia. They’re the polar opposites in UI which is a shame really because the Sony Ericsson W715 looks like a really good phone.

The latest in the line of Walkman handsets, it could be blessed with a little more internal memory than 120MB but expanding to a healthy 8GB requires only one of those annoying proprietary SE cards. There’s some very familiar shake-to-control action going on here, so I’ll stop and let Zara give you her verdict before I start getting nasty…

If you’re as pleased as my esteemed colleague is by the W715, you can find it free on Vodafone from £15 a month

Sony Ericsson