Xerox ColorQube revolutionary solid ink printer


You won’t often catch me writing about printers but then it’s not often that a revolutionary one comes out. Meet the Xerox ColorQube or at least its colour ink cartridges, anyway. Unlike most printers, these ones are solid and not powder or liquid.

These waxy lumps are melted down and sprayed onto the paper and work out around 62% cheaper than normal cartridges which would be fine if the ColorQube didn’t cost $20,000 in the first place.

The new technology is all part of Xerox’s plan to get people to print in colour. Last year, of the forest flattening 2.25 trillion pages printed in offices worldwide, just 15% were printed in colour, largely because, until now, it’s cost a bomb.

The ColorQube runs off pages at 85 per minute and is apparently perfect in every other way except for the typo.

(via WSJ)