Best Buy requiring job applicants to have 250 Twitter followers


US stack ’em high, sell e’m cheap tech mega store Best Buy recently put out a job ad with a difference. Applicants for the role of “senior manager – emerging media marketing” were required to have two years plus of mobile media experience, one year plus of blogging experience, a bachelors degree and 250 Twitter followers.

Before you start applying – popular web 2.0 people that you are – the position has already been filled, but it’s certainly a very interesting ask in this day and age. For a senior social media manager, I’d say it was probably a far enough demonstration of an experience and understanding of the most important social app of the moment. Besides, the head honcho of Best Buy, Brian Dunn, has 1,679 followers himself.

Even if you’re not in marketing – if, perhaps, a journalist – then one might consider it equally important. It’s rather like a contacts list. Essentially, how many eyes can you attract to whatever it is that you do. How many people can you draw to the work that your company does?

So, is this something that we’re going to start putting on our CVs? Is that how people should be viewing Twitter? What do you reckon? Let me know in the comments below. You can also boast about how many followers you do/do not have.

(via Brand Republic)