launches visual radio


It’s important for to do some shouting at the moment to prove there’s more to life than Spotify and Comes With Music. There is, and to prove what an excellent service they still are, they’ve launched a visual radio player.

At the heart of it, it’s still the same beast except now you get pretty pictures in a slideshow of whoever it is you’re listening to. They’ve also added combo stations whereby you can add more than one artist, tag or genre to your radio choice to receive a stream of more specific, more tailored music. So, now there’s no excuse not to listen to 80s, Pirate Metal, featuring Dolly Parton radio apart from the obvious.

Finally, has added a history to the radio player so you can see exactly what you have and haven’t been playing. All good reasons to return what is still the best music discovery service on the web.

(via blog)