Yahoo! to go for a further round of lay offs


Yahoo! looks to be continuing it’s slow slide into total meltdown with rumours of a third round of lay offs within the last 12 months.

An insider told the NYT that cuts could come as quickly as next week and there’s every reason to think that the next one will be well in excess of 1,000 jobs with the first thousand leaving in early 2008 and a further 1,400 at the end of last year.

Yahoo! still gets 500 million or so eyes over its pages each and every month but, with the internet still booming, it’s the growth where they’re missing out. While Google was out buying Blogger and YouTube, Yahoo! missed opportunities to pick up Facebook and last year had to spend an awful lot of resources in talks with Microsoft. The offer from Gates, Ballmer & Sons will be starting to look very good right about now.