CES 2007: Scosche's IPNRFC RF iPod remote


Ignore the attractive hand for a moment, and focus on the piece of kit the faceless chap is clutching proudly there – it’s the brand spankin’ new RF remote for iPods. Apparently Scosche, the creators of yet another iPod accessory are asking their consumers ‘where do you take your music?’ The happy little consumers responded by claiming to use them in the home, car, and bizarrely, during extreme sports. My own iPod is quivering at the thought. Scosche have released several remotes prior to the launch of this ‘freestyle’ line, updating it with an ‘unprecedented’ 150 feet of wireless range, and the ability to act like the Invisible Man and travel through walls. The IPNRFC can join your copious collection of iPod skins and fuzzy cases for just $69.95. Bet you can’t wait to be able to skip through ‘Fastlove’ when listening to George (if only he batted for my team) Michael’s ‘Twenty Five’ whilst on the john!