DEADLY GADGETS: Sniper-rifle mounted iPod dock


We’ve seen deadly iPod accessories before, but this is the first iPod accessory I’ve seen for killing people that aren’t you. It’s a handy iPod Touch mount for your sniper rifle. What do you mean you don’t have a sniper rifle?

On the App Store, there’s some matching ballistics software, called Bullet Flight. Though if you live in Washington DC, I wouldn’t recommend buying it until tomorrow, unless you want a visit from the FBI. You can choose to correct for distance, wind direction, elevation and temperature. No coriolis effect, sadly.

In the meantime, it gets boring on a rooftop for hours on end – so what would be on a sniper’s playlist? I’ve started making a Spotify playlist here. Let me know your suggestions in the comments.

(via the Firearm Blog)

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Lunatic creates real-life 'Lancer' rifle from Gears of War


You’ve got to love insane Americans living in the woods. This one has managed to combine a chainsaw and a gun in a real-life approximation of Gears of War’s “Lancer” assault rifle. He claims it’s a “Firearm Mounted Anti Zombie Device”. We’ve got a video of it tearing up pumpkins right after the jump, and there’s plenty more on the forum link, over the jump.