NOISE GATE: Record Labels vs. Guitar Hero – who owes who?


Over the last month or so, there’s been an almighty argument between music labels and makers of rhythm games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band over who owes who. Major labels claim that the games wouldn’t exist without the music, but the games developers point out that the music in the games gets a massive promotional benefit. Who’s right? Click over the jump for my opinion…

Apple could use iPhone 3G to intro new mobile music services

Apple may use the highly anticipated launch of a iPhone 3G to expand its mobile music offerings, in a bid to hold on to its lucrative lead in online digital music.

At present, iPhone users can either use a Wi-Fi hotspot to purchase and download music from iTunes, or simply “side-load” it from iTunes running on their PC whenever they synchronise their iPhone.

A iPhone 3G’s faster cellular connection could allow users to purchase music over the air.