Embiggen your iPod to 240GB and 48,000 tracks


A company in Kalamazoo called Rapid Repair has started running an iPod upgrading service. Currently, the largest pod that Apple supplies is the 120GB classic which’ll only bag you 24,000 tracks at the most – not really enough for any true file junkies out there.

What RR does is to remove the old, small Apple HDD and, unfortunately, the guarantee with it, and replace it with a much more advanced but same sized 1.8″ Toshiba 240GB storage unit. Hey presto, a doubly big MP3 player.

It’ll cost you $300 plus whatever the postage might be to Michigan and back. With any luck someone this side of the Pond will clue up to the business which is turning a very tidy 25% profit incidentally. In the mean time, Rapid Repairs are looking into Zunes and other MP3 machines. Doubtless, the original manufacturers will be thrilled.

(via Small Business)