Beautiful Olympus E-P1 Micro Four Thirds camera leaks onto net


Word was that the Olympus EP-1 was to launch tomorrow but the internet has had other ideas about that one and images of the gorgeous little snapper have leaked onto our screens this afternoon. Whoops. Still, I’m sure they can impress us with the specs in the morning.

For now, what we have is rather stunning Micro Four Thirds camera designed in homage to the old Rangefinder film cameras. Of course, instead of 35mm stock, there’s a full size DSLR image sensor in that little body and a choice of one or two lenses. The standard is a 17mm wide angle chap with a 14-42mm 3x zoom by its side.

Doubtless it’ll cost a bomb but we have one night to dream. Sleep well, my friends.

(via Engadget)