Some of the best April Fool's Day gags on the internet for 2007

Yesterday was April the 1st, which only means one thing – Glastonbury tickets go on sale. Well, that and April Fool’s Day, where the internet gets up to all forms of shenanigans and makes gullible morons of pretty much everyone. Did you get fooled? Hear of any corkers for 2007? Shiny Shiny have collaborated some of the very best for this year, which you can read over there, but for now, here’s the first one…

1.) The Register’s Apple and Google ID phone
Both respective parties have dropped their iPhone and Google mobiles and are collaborating to produce the ‘ID’, which the Register claimed ”has no power switch. In fact, there are no buttons at all…the “ID” is incapable of making or receiving telephone calls – but Apple says this is a feature most of its target market won’t miss”. They even had a ‘statement’ from an Apple engineering source, who blabbed “People said they wanted an iPhone above all, to make a statement about themselves…let’s face it, they don’t like talking and most of them have no one to call anyway”. Admit it – you want one.