Teufel unveils Concept E Magnum Power Edition 5.1 Speaker Set


Here’s a new home cinema speaker setup from Teufel. It’s designed for computers and consoles, though it takes phono inputs, so you’ll need some conversion cables. It consists of a subwoofer, centre speaker, and four satellites, and can pump out a rather loud 450 watts.

There are two colour options – midnight black and matt silver – and it comes with an infrered remote for volume control, but the best feature of this setup is that it’s only £160 (€189). That’s bargaintastic for a full on 5.1 surround system. It won’t be the highest-fi system you’ve ever heard, but for pumping out Halo, Mario Kart, World of Warcraft, or a DVD in full surround, I couldn’t think of a finer device.


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