IFA 2008: m-Qubic video messaging system – a post-it note for the future

The m-Qubic video messaging system is basically a post-it note on the fridge, but for the 21st century. You hit “record”, relay a quick message, and in tens of millions of years a highly advanced civilization will discover a fossil recording of you getting really pissed off with your flatmates eating your cornflakes. They’ll deduce that we were a warlike, aggressive race, and will blow up the rest of the planet in spite…

Fancy a font made from Post-It notes?


Fonts are great. Our word processing would be lost without them. Post-It notes are great. How else would we store phone numbers on the exterior of our monitor? So a font made from Post-It notes? It’s literally the best thing ever created in the history of stationary-based fontography. You knows it.