Introducing the Pocket Yoga – the netbook that never was

These days, with every man and his dog owning a netbook of some kind, you have to do something really special to stand out from the crowd. The Pocket Yoga seemed to have done that, kicking up a storm in the blog world – and then we found out its based on a concept from two years ago.

According to the Lenovo Design Matters Blog, all the images that appeared on their Flickr feed and got people talking about a netbook/tablet crossover are just that: images – two-year-old prototypes as a matter of fact, which would have put the company well ahead of the netbook trend. That’s a real shame because, as you’ll see from the gallery below, the pictures look like a stylish alternative to the popular smartphones of the moment. Although, that said, they clearly didn’t anticipate the handcramp that extended writing on an early netbook can give one.

So for the moment at least, you can chalk this one up to a misguided rumour. The pictures are real but they shouldn’t be amounting to much more. Pity.

To see what might have been, click the picture to look through the gallery.

Alan Martin

Lenovo’s Flickr Feed (via Design Matters)