Samsung to replace plastic packaging with sustainable materials

Samsung has announced it is to begin replacing plastic packaging materials with “environmentally sustainable elements”. The South Korean technology giant, which is the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, said it would start to substitute plastic for recycled and “bio-based” plastics and paper during the first half of this year. The company said the trays used for…

Fully Loaded – more bang for your buck


The designer calls this chair “Fully Loaded”, and says it’s a ‘unique dichotomy of comfort and demise’. It’s made of 388 shotgun shells, already fired, sadly. You can pick from black, green, blue, red and copper shells, and the brass is covered with a coat of varnish to prevent tarnishing.

The chair is currently being built to order. No word how much it costs, but I suspect we’re not talking tens of pounds here – more like hundreds.

Rehhab (via Gearfuse)

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