TomTom announces Go Live x40 sat-nav with petrol price-tracking tool


TomTom has announced that its latest satellite navigation system, the Go Live x40, is the first to contain a petrol price-tracking tool.

In the current economic climate (are you fed up with hearing that yet?), an automated tool which helps motorists to find the cheapest petrol is arguably more useful than having access to all the historic landmarks in Dorset (great though that is).

In fact, TomTom has calculated that each driver using the system could save an average of £162 every year (based on the user driving an average of 12,000 miles per year, 7.4 miles/ litre, at a saving of 10p per litre, in case you were wondering)…

Sony saving us money for once – adds local garage petrol prices to its satnav displays


With it now costing more to drive to the shops than you spend on food when you get there, this little GPS innovation from Sony could be the answer to saving literally several pence a month.

Sony’s taken its Japanese PetaMap system and added support for local petrol price data – which can then be viewed on your Sony GPS system, letting users shave fractions of a yen off the price of each litre – just like the UK-based…