The online movie service CHILI is conquering the UK: here’s what makes it different

The Italian streaming platform CHILI has recently launched in the UK and is already having a lot of success. It is a subscription-free entertainment service that provides viewers with on-demand content on a pay-per-view basis. Since it launched in 2012, the platform has gained success in Italy with over 1.6 million registered customers, subsequently expanding…

Wall Street Journal pay-per-view for online content


News Corp’s the Wall Street Journal is to introduce a pay-per-view system for their online content. It’s unclear at the moment whether all their articles will be available subject to cost but what we do know is that the more specialist pieces will be more expensive.

The system is described by those inside as micro-payments but I start to wonder just how micro that becomes by the end of each year. The scheme is set to launch in the Autumn and doubtless all the traditional paper publishers will have their eyes very close to this one with probably both fingers and toes firmly crossed.