Palm Pre to be released in US on 6th June


We’ve seen the unboxing videos, we’ve seen the UI demos, we’ve heard all the rumours – 5th June, 8th June. Well, it’s finally official the Palm Pre will be released stateside on the 6th of June for £199 yankeedoodle money, on a two year contract with Sprint.

Surely it can’t be long after that until the sleek little sod gets to these shores.

My iPhone is getting nervous. Yeah you should be getting nervous you take-too-long-to-boot-up, crap battery, rip off! No I didn’t mean that. I’m sorry, I love you, you know I do. Don’t be like that.

Who wants a Palm Pre? Leave a reason why you most deserve a Palm Pre in the comments, I’ll decide a winner, and I’ll send them a prize in the post. The prize is a pencil. Not a Tech Digest pencil. Just a pencil. A plain HB pencil. A blunt one.

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RUMOUR: Palm Pre to launch on 7th June


Word has it through a document leaked from US network Sprint that the launch date for the Palm Pre will be 7th June, one day before Apple’s WWDC.

We’ve known that the hugely anticipated handset was promised in the first half of 2009 and, with the six month period running out, leaked sales staff training instructions a few weeks back and a casting call for the promotional ad to air in June, it would seem to fit.

The really ballsy part, if it’s true, is the utter confidence Palm must have in their product to think they can overshadow whatever Apple decides to launch in the way of a new iPhone the following day. There’s been a few rumours that it’s a tablet and low end iPhone we’ll be seeing in which case the Pre would stand out. Perhaps a few of the ex-Apple employees over at Palm still have some buddies on the inside.

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