Shiny Video Review: Nikon P80 digital camera

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After a massive protruding lens to compensate for a lack of size elsewhere? The Nikon P80 should do the trick, with its 18x optical zoom, 10-megapixel sensor and 2.7″ LCD.

Lucy’s had a few days to play around with one, and was impressed with the quality of the zoom, which you can see in the video above…

Nikon whacks an 18x zoom on the P80 and impresses hugely


Nikon doesn’t just make fancy D-SLRs, you know. The P80 has just been announced from the maestros of photography, with features that’ll blow your mind.

With an 18x zoom, the photos I took when trying it several days ago were amazing, you can see some of them below the jump. It features a 10-megapixel sensor, image stabilisation and image-shift Vibration Reduction technology for shaky hands.

The LCD monitor measures 2.7″, and has…