CES 2009: Pentax announces Optio P70 and Optio E70, possibly the most forgettable cameras in history

The rather non-glamorous Pentax has revealed a couple of thoroughly mid-range new digital cameras – the Optio P70 and Optio E70.

The P70, on the left there in the fetching white finish, is the most impressive model, managing 12megapixels with a 4x optical zoom, a 2.7″ LCD monitor round the back and what Pentax calls its “Pixel Track Shake Reduction technology” image stabilisation tool. It’ll also come in red and silver, if you’re mainstream enough that one of the first things you look for when buying a camera is what colour it comes in.


Meanwhile, the E70 (right) is a bit more “entry level” – offering “large control buttons,” a 10megapixel sensor and 3X zoom. Both will be out in the US this February…