UPDATE: 3 releases 80,000 names and addresses on its website


Mobile phone network 3 is in trouble today after an enterprising chap called ‘Dan’ (no relation to our Dan) stumbled across 79,035 names and addresses on their website. 3 rapidly took the list down.

Names and addresses aren’t exactly confidential – they’re available in the phone book – but most curiously of all, 3 claims that less than five percent of the info comes from 3 customers. That raises the rather thorny question of who the hell the rest of them are.

Any ideas? Drop us a tweet at @techdigest with your suggestions as to who these people might be.

UPDATE: Orange not blocking the Pirate Bay after all

Turns out that all the fuss over Orange blocking the Pirate Bay was a simple internet error. Orange has just got in touch with us, claiming innocence while awkwardly avoiding naming the site in question:

“We can confirm that we have not actively stopped customers accessing the web sites reportedly affected. However, following investigation by our network partners, a small section of our internet traffic was rerouted by one of them which has now restored access to the sites concerned.

As has always been the case, it is Orange UK’s policy to not block customer access to websites, other than to those containing images of child abuse as identified by the IWF.”

Good to know. If you’re on Orange and were affected, let us know in the comments whether you can get to the site now. Here’s a handy link.

I’ll also rescind my actually rather ranty promise to never subscribe to Orange again. I was with them for several years. They’re actually very good. If they offer me a good phone at a good price point when my contract’s up in March, then I’ll take it.


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