Sky and Universal Music partner to launch subscription music streaming and download service


Sky has partnered with Universal Music to launch a subscription-based music service offering both streaming music and “keep forever” download tracks.

The venture has just been announced, and the service doesn’t appear to have a name yet — at least, not a public one. Claiming the model is a world first (a claim I’m sceptical about), Universal Music will give it a flying start by making its entire catalogue of music (including U2, Kanye West, Amy Winehouse, Mika, the Killers, Snow Patrol, Luciano Pavarotti, ABBA, Rihanna, Eminem, Andrea Bocelli, Elton John, and Duffy) available, while Sky continues to negotiate with both major and independent music companies…

AmazonMP3 music service may finally be coming to the UK


Great news for those who were specifically waiting for Amazon’s music download service to cross the Atlantic, or who just want to see more competition in the UK online music scene, as Amazon is likely to launch its Amazon MP3 service in Britain later this year.

Though the company has not officially confirmed the service, nor a launch date, it is believed that executives from Amazon have visited London to strike deals with record companies…

Analysis: Have music download stores had their day?

itunes-store.jpgIt’s the best of times, the worst of times to be a digital music retailer. It’s the worst of times if you’re one of the less popular download stores, even if you’re owned by a big company.

In the last few weeks alone, Sony has announced plans to close its Connect service, Virgin has announced that its Virgin Digital service is for the chopper, and Yahoo is reportedly deciding whether its Yahoo Music service is worth continued support. Meanwhile, independent service AnywhereCD announced yesterday that it too is closing.

Steve Jobs tops Blender's chart of online music influencers

steve_jobs_ipod.jpgUS music magazine Blender has crowned Steve Jobs the most influential people involved ‘behind the scenes’ in web music.

They view Jobs as a technology trendsetter, thanks to the iPod and iTunes

“The iTunes Store and the iPod have done more to change the way people listen to music than anything since the CD, and maybe since the sound recording,” said Craig Marks, Blender’s editor-in-chief.