It was just over a year ago now that netbooks first hit the scene. Of course, we didn’t know them as netbooks at the time. They were Eee PCs, until the world and his wife brought their own versions out and suddenly we needed to invent a new category.
We toyed with sub-notebook for a while and you’ll still see me drop it in the odd post when I’m searching for another word for netbook but this isn’t the point. The point is that they’re here now. The game has changed. The paradigm has shifted and now that the dust is settling is the novelty wearing off?

So, today here on Technology Deathmatch, I’m affording you an entirely subjective view on the matter with the odd bit of balance thrown in. It’s George vs the Dragon, David vs Goliath, Jonah vs the Whale – yes, NOTEBOOK VS NETBOOK!…