Nokia 5800 XpressMusic coming very soon, in time for Christmas perhaps?


After a long time waiting, Nokia has finally announced that its Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (“Tube”) touchscreen mobile phone will be available across a number of markets “soon”.

Unfortunately, details are sketchy, and the UK isn’t specifically mentioned in the markets initially listed — that’ll be Russia, Spain, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Finland but hopefully that’s not an exhaustive list.

Coming to the UK? Probably. Before Christmas? Maybe. Price and network? Nothing obvious yet…

Nokia 5800 "Tube" gets an airing on German mobile phone shop poster, possibly


While excitement for Nokia’s forthcoming 5800 “Tube” may not quite match that other phone, it’s pretty intense nonetheless, so it’s not surprising that news of a sighting on a German promotional poster is one of the Internet’s current hot topics (click image for larger version).

Now, it could be a reasonable Photoshop job – wouldn’t be difficult – or it could genuinely be Nokia’s much anticipated touchscreen phone, complete with XPressMusic (which could be a typo for XPressMedia, or signify a variant model) that some naughty German mobile phone store employee has sneaked out early…