Logitech launches Ultimate Ears 700 noise isolators


Logitech has released a set of in-ear headphones this morning to sit right near the very top of their Ultimate Ears range. The UE 700s are noise isolators with dual armature drivers with one for bass and midrange and the other for high end and midrange.

They come in a hard case but weigh just 11.6g and will block out up to 26 dB of ambient sound with their snug-fitting, soft-silicone or foam compy ear cushions. You get three different sizes when you buy the £149.99 device just to make sure there’s no gaps between your lug holes and the rest of the world.

The idea is that you can listen to music at a relatively low level and so don’t end up distorting the sound of your music from pushing it too hard through whatever in-built amp you’re using.

Not cheap but, if the rest of the Ultimate Ears range is anything to go by, worth the money. Seventy-five per cent of the music industry can’t be wrong.

Noise cancelling headphones test:

Ultimate Ears

SHINY VIDEO REVIEW: Noise-proof headphones test

Annoyed with your current headphones? Bothered by people yapping and eating Rice Crispies on the bus in the morning, and need to replace the crappy pair of earbuds that came bundled with your MP3 player? You need to see this video.

Lucy, Zara and I tested out some of the noise cancelling and noise isolating earphones on the market. Dan made some noise. You can see the results above – the Shure SE102s won out, thanks to their low price and extreme effectiveness. Highly recommended.

Shure SE102s

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Klipsch launches new Image X5 earphones, and price cuts for rest of range


High-end audio manufacturer Klipsch has just announced a new set of earphones to sit alongside its prosumer X10 and budget Custom-1 models.They’re called the X5s, and they’re ever so slightly larger than the X10s.

That slight embiggening saves £50 in the manufacturing process, which they’ve passed on to the consumer, so the X5s will cost £130. For that, you’re getting 50 ohm impedence, 110dB sensitivity, and -26 dB noise isolation. Klipsch are calling these “the least fatiguing in-ear headphones around”, and they’ll be available in ‘late November’.