NMK 2007: Jaiku's five principles for building Web 2.0 success

jyri.jpgThere’s been a helluva buzz around Twitter in recent months, but coming up strongly is rival firm Jaiku, which has taken the principle of micro-blogging and stuck a rocket up its backside. That’s a technical term, obviously…

Jaiku’s Jyri Engeström gave a keynote presentation at today’s NMK Forum 07, and set out his five principles to building a great Web 2.0 service, revolving around the idea of ‘social objects’. Read on for the full skinny on how to make yourself an e-millionnaire (probably).

Shiny Video Interview: Kat speaks to Jason Calacanis of Mahalo.com about Google, Nick Denton, Ask.com and who his next frenemy will be

Last night I had the privilege of speaking to Jason Calacanis, fresh off the plane from the US., on his first trip to the UK. Here to attend the NMK Forum (from which I’m liveblogging from as we speak), he had some exciting news to announce the next day, of which we’ve since learnt is Mahalo’s Greenhouse. Take a look at the video to hear him talk about his online ‘rivals’…

NMK Forum 2007 – liveblogging Jason Calacanis's announcement about Mahalo.com's Greenhouse

nmk-logo.jpgToday I’m liveblogging straight from the NMK Forum 2007, (New Media Knowledge), which is an annual conference dealing with social media, and the impact it has on the future.

Stay tuned throughout the day for live updates on Web 2.0 notables like Jason Calacanis (Mahalo.com), Jem Stone (BBC New Media), Tom Bureau (CNET), Jyri Engeström (Jaiku) and our very own Ashley Norris.