Nikon roadmap for the 2009-2011 leaked, posted & revealed

Er, wow. That’s quite a leak. More of a gush, a flood, a deluge of camera goodies. I feel a bit sorry for Nikon but, you never know, it might work in their favour.

What seems to have happened is that someone’s got hold of a 37-page document from Nikon HQ in Kingston, UK, and decided to talk about it in one foreign language or another before Nikon Rumours banged it back through a Google translator and came out with some interesting garblings that looked like this. I’ll spare you heavy lens details here on TD but do take a look at the original for details. The headlines on the cameras, though, are as follows:

End of July 2009

We’re going to see a Coolpix range of compacts, including a model with a 10 lumens, LED projector capable of 40″ images at a 640×480 resolution.

4th August 2009

Launch of the Nikon D3000 and Nikon D300s – specced down version of the D5000 and the long awaited upgrade of the fabulous D300.

The D300s looks like it’ll have Full HD video shooting at 24fps, improved AF, self timer + mirror-up and an SD card slot to go along with the compact flash.

15th October

Launch of the upgrade of the Nikon D700, the Nikon D700x. It’ll come with a with a 24.5-megapixel sensor, Full HD video at 24 fps, improved AF and self timer + mirror-up.

Q2 2010

Launch of what we all thought we’d see when the D5000 came out – the Nikon D400 – and the Nikon D4 for the serious among us.

The D400 will have a 13.8-megapixel sensor and Full HD video at 24fps. Switch the numbers for 15.7 and 30 for the D4.

Q3 2010

The launch of the impressive sounding Nikon Coolpix P1DX which’ll come with a with DX 12.3-megapixel stabilised sensor, 28-85mm/3.5-5.6f zoom and a 2.9-inch 920k LCD.

Q4 2010

And just in case you’ve got any money left or you fancy getting a third mortgage just for shits and giggles, then you’ll be able to prepare for the 30.2-megapixel Nikon D4x which probably has the kind of features to keep you interested until the next roadmap comes out.

Naturally, this could all be a load of nonsense. I’ll let you know on 4th August.

(via Nikon Rumours)