New Mario and Zelda games to be unveiled at E3?

Mario-and-Zelda-release copy.jpg

Are Nintendo going to announce new Mario and Zelda games at E3 next Tuesday? Well that certainly is the rumour.

It all seems to have started after Macquarie Research said: “We expect Nintendo to learn its lessons from last year and provide more gamer-centric announcements at E3 such as a new Zelda or Mario title for the Wii.”

Which certainly doesn’t sound to us like good solid fact-based information – it sound suspiciously like speculation. But well founded and oddly business-like speculation. But that’s the thing about speculation, it’s awfully exciting, sometimes more exciting than when the product actually arrives.

And you can’t deny, it would make sence to release a new Mario and/or Zelda game. It’s been two years since Mario Galaxy made its welcome appearance. Nintendo need to understand – people need more Mario. I need more Mario. We all, need, more, Mario. Come on guys – let’s have a Mario Party! No? Just me? And Mario…Not you Luigi. Nobody needs more Luigi.