Google claims Quantum Computing breakthrough

Google claims to have achieved a breakthrough in quantum computing research. The technology giant said an experimental quantum processor has completed a calculation in just a few minutes that would've taken a traditional supercomputer thousands of years. The findings, published in the scientific journal Nature, show that “quantum speed-up is achievable in a real-world system…

The lazy man's birdwatching kit – stick a camera in a birdhouse


If you’re dead keen on nature, but you’re also dead keen on your sofa and not going out into the cold and rain, then you might be interested in this product from Cornish specialists HandyKam. It’s a Cedar birdhouse with an intergrated feeder, but also an integrated colour digital camera.

The birdhouse comes fully assembled – all you’ve got to do it put it up a tree, add the camera into the fake ceiling of the construct, and then wire it up with the 20m component cable provided. If that’s not quite long enough, then they’ll happily sell you 10m, 20m or even 50m more. Power is also supplied via this cable.