YouTube Video Of The Day: Alicia Silverstone gets naked for PETA

I'm a vegetarian, but although I love my courgette and onions as much as the next man, I wouldn't show them on YouTube. Alicia Silverstone has no such hang-ups though, and has filmed a new ad for animal charity PETA that's basically her getting out of a swimming pool with nowt on, to prove that vegetarians are sexy Hollywood sirens, not lentil-chewing hippies who smell of cabbage.

It's been banned from TV, but YouTube is giving it a home. See below.

YouTube Video of the Day – Britney Spears' MTV VMA comeback doesn't go to plan

YouTube isnt just great for cool stuff. It’s also great to see videos of people falling apart. The latest celeb to find their mind-a-wanderin’ is poor ol’ Britney Spears who, after her comeback performance at the MTV VMAs, has found herself named ‘the worst performance in history’. Terrible lip-synching, dazed bumbling around stage, vacant expression. It’s a classic!