Portable turntable means DJs have no excuse not to join the party


I’ve done a little DJing before, and while it’s always more fun to be a little distanced from the dancefloor, you do feel like you’re missing something when you’re removed from the party. If only there was some kind of portable turntable so that you were free to move as you pleased. Well wish no more, as some genius has developed the scratchophone!

Yamaha's Tenori-On musical sequencer, as used by Kraftwerk and Mouse on Mars

Bless Yamaha, they’re really thinking outside the box these days, in between designing glow in the dark iPod-docking electrical motorbikes and now the Tenori-On, a musical sequencer.

From what I can gather, the general gist of the Tenori-On is that it’s fairly similar to that reacTable instrument we wrote about recently which Bjork has been using, in that it allows you to create musical loops and melodies….