Has YouTube been taken advantage of by Brazilian cheaters CSS?

Scandal alert! Scandal alert! It’s a code red situation here on the internet, with Brazilian art rock kids CSS finding themselves top of the pile over at YouTube. It’s managed to not only knock the Evolution of Dance video off the top of the leaderboard, but apparently get around 85 million views in just two weeks, according to fanzoid commenters.

Smell a conspiracy? Join the rest of the ‘net, with many claiming it’s the work of bots, or an Asian click farm. True, the song ‘Music Is My Hot Hot Sex’ has been used in an Apple TV advert, but even that would not amount to the 89 million+ views it’s had so far.

A tell-tale sign is that only 1 in 21,487 viewers have actually rated the video, whereas all the other popular vids on YouTube have an average of 1 in 590 viewers rating it. The CSS video also has just over 4,000 comments, with most exclaiming ‘this only had 4 million views 2 weeks ago wtf? someone must of refreshed it 80 million times or someone hacked’ instead of actual praise…