At 0.7-inches, the bezel on NEC's MultiSync LCD5220 TV is thinner than Toshiba's

For those who judge the quality of their consumer electronics by how expensive they are, this NEC MultiSync LCD5220 TV costs a cool $8,150. UK pricing hasn’t been mentioned as yet, but you can bet your bottom dollar (and you’ll have to, if you want one) the exchange rate will make it even pricier for us.

It’s a 52-incher, and is supposedly the market’s first professional-grade panel display. It’d have to be, at that price. Thankfully it supports…

NEC intros new 30-inch MultiSync LCD3090 monitor

nec_lcd3090_multisync_widescreen_lcd_monitor.jpgNEC has announced its new 30-inch MultiSync LCD3090 monitor, designed with graphic designers, photographers, and CAD/CAM users in mind.

The widescreen monitor features a four megapixel (2,560 x 1,600) wide gamut LCD, and offers premium colour performance (which has been a problem on LCD monitors in the past, and is why many designers have stuck with traditional CRT monitors).