7Digital brings MP3 downloads to BlackBerry App World


RIM continues on its mission to get down and funky with the consumers by offering some music for people to listen to on their QWERTYful phones. The tunes come courtesy of UK company 7Digital and their catalogue of 6 million tracks which will be available from 79p each on over-the-air download straight to your mobile.

Albums will cost you £7.99 but the frightening words spoken are that “most” of the tracks will be DRM free. Most? Most? When did 7Digital get into the DRM game and why?

The access will be as a downloadable app from the BlackBerry App World after which you’ll be able to browse 7Dig’s library provided you live in the UK, US, Canada, France, Italy, Germany or Spain.

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BlackBerry App World | 7Digital

Napster unleashes free service for Philips GoGear


All Philips GoGear customers who’ve been laughed at by their mates with big shiny iPod Touches can now have the last giggle, or at least the latest one anyway. Philips has announced a deal with Napster such that all GoGear users will now have access to Napster’s PC service and full list of 640,000 albums from 540,000 artists for absolutely zip.

Additionally, if you happen to be the owner of a GoGear Opus, Ariaz or Vibe you’ll also get 30 days free access to the Napster To Go portable subscription service which would normally work out at £14.95 per month. Sure, a month’s grace isn’t a lot to play with but at the least you do get 90 ad free radio stations and recommendation software to play with as well as the on the hoof access as opposed to PC side-loading only.

It’s hard to work out exactly how good this all actually is given that a) it’s DRMed up to the hilt and b) there’s a lot of free music services out there anyway but I don’t suppose you can really argue with a sudden 10,000 folding of your effective music collection for both your mp3 player and home.

Philips / Naptser