London business babe makes money with twitter


Internet publishers have long complained, like a bunch of ninnies, that they can’t turn high traffic into high profit. Alicia Navarro’s skim links company allows online publishers and bloggers to create affiliate links automatically.

And after tweaking this technology she’s found a way of making money from tweets. Using her service, which like, shortens URLs, Navarro’s users link to say, a book they enjoyed and someone else buys it – cablow, Navarro is in the money.

But being the caring, conscienouss and frankly pretty sexy businesslady she is, she’s giving the money to charity. Fancy her a bit? I do.

“I’m a huge fan of Twitter, but I really wanted to use it for something a bit more useful. I had already developed most of the technology for a commercial version so it was relatively simple to alter it for Twitter,” said Navarro, probably very sexily.

The entrepreneur, who has been shortlisted for a prize at the National Business Awards and in our opinion deserve to win it, said: “There is an incredible number of internet firms around.

“It’s amazing how London has become a real world centre for dotcom entrepreneurs, and there is a real feeling that despite the economic climate, people are beginning to set up firms and use technology to save money.”

(Via London Evening Standard)