I had no idea I could talk for eight minutes on a handset that’s largely the same as the model before, so I’ll try to keep it short now. The bottom line is that the iPhone 3GS is a great phone. There’s no two ways about it. It’s a pleasure to have in your pocket and, just like the previous incarnations, it’s achingly slick.

To be picky, I’m not convinced on the usefulness of the voice control or how well it works on the street. The camera is a vast improvement and although it would be nice to be able to change the focus mid-action, the video capture works very well too.

If you have the money, then I would recommend this phone above any other I’ve used – bear in mind I’ve yet to get a proper hands on with the Palm Pre and Toshiba TG01 – but it does come at hefty price above and beyond any other smartphone out there. Probably the only mobile phone I’d bother insuring and certainly the only one I’d ever shell out up front for too.

iPhone 3GS on O2

Sony Ericsson W715 – SHINY VIDEO REVIEW

I’m not a huge fan of Sony Ericsson handsets on the whole but that’s got nothing to do with them and more to do with my mind setting like concrete the day I first started using a Nokia. They’re the polar opposites in UI which is a shame really because the Sony Ericsson W715 looks like a really good phone.

The latest in the line of Walkman handsets, it could be blessed with a little more internal memory than 120MB but expanding to a healthy 8GB requires only one of those annoying proprietary SE cards. There’s some very familiar shake-to-control action going on here, so I’ll stop and let Zara give you her verdict before I start getting nasty…

If you’re as pleased as my esteemed colleague is by the W715, you can find it free on Vodafone from £15 a month

Sony Ericsson


A 2-inch screen and 1.3-megapixel camera aren’t the kind of specs that send phones flying off the shelves but that’s not the game of the Nokia 7100 feature phone. The idea behind this little baby, as with all Supernova handsets, is that very marketable cross between beauty and cheapth and I can tell you that what the 7100 may lack in beauty it certainly makes up for in cheapth.

Here, Zara will tell you all about it…

The best deal I can find is for £64.99 and if you can’t afford that for a phone, you probably can’t afford to make any calls anyway.


HTC Magic Video: Hands on with the UK's second Android phone

I met up with Vodafone this morning to take a look at one of the hottest handsets of the summer, the HTC Magic known to some as the G2, known by all as the second Google Android phone available in the UK.

Straight up, it’s obvious that this handset is the looker of the two Android siblings at the moment. It may not be a particularly orginal form with the iPhone two years old now but I like the way they’ve taken “the chin” and turned it from a jutting Jimmy Hill to a more handsome Robert Redford. Take a look.

This missing flash will wind you up if the camera is the most important feature for you but otherwise there’s very little to complain about. It comes loaded with Android 1.5, aka Cupcake, meaning you can take video and upload straight to YouTube and Picasa, and there’s no longer the need for a hard keyboard. The virtual one seems certainly no worse than the iPhone’s.

The battery’s a slight improvement on the G1 with a 1340 mAh capacity which should see you out a a full day of heavy use before it’s time to plug in again.

A single small USB port at the bottom means you’ll have to use the in-box 3.5mm adaptor to fit your preferred headphones in, but it’s good to see they’ve had the issue in mind.

All in all, an A1 phone. Still time to get a fiver off the monthly tariff if you order today. £30 a month for 18 months grabs you a free handset, 600 mins and “unlimited” data and texts to the tune of 500MB per month and around 3,000 messages.

The handset is only available in white in the UK but that’s no bad thing until you dirty it up with your muddy paws.

HTC Magic spec sheet

SHINY VIDEO REVIEW: Nokia E63 'messaging device'

The Nokia E71 is probably the most cult successful smartphone currently on the market and, despite its business target market, it’s being enjoyed by consumers in the know the world over.

Just in case you missed it, though, Nokia has released the E63 – an ever so slightly downgraded version of the handset for the public to get to grips with. Lucy took a look at this latest offering to check that this mobile design still has what it takes.