Bullet-resistant backpack offers protection from gunshot and other weaponry

my_childs_pack_backpack.jpgIn both the US and UK, the safety of kids both on and off school campuses is a high priority, and rightly so. Now Massachusetts-based MJ Safety Solutions is offering a special backpack containing a bullet- and edged-weapon-resistant panel, certified as a NIJ Level II plate which can withstand medium and low caliber rounds.

Adding 20 ounces in weight to the regular backpack, it will provide either back or front protection – but of course has to be held or worn in the appropriate place. I suppose if you had $350 to spare, and didn’t mind looking like an idiot, you could wear two.

MJ Safety claims that, of the 328 shootings in the US since Columbine in 1999, 97% could have been prevented by using their bags.