Tech Digest's Robot World Cup: Round Two


Robots: they haven’t taken over the world yet, but they’re already capable of pouring us beer and controlling our home entertainment. If that’s not a crafty strategy for leaving us sofa-bound while they stage a cyber-coup at some point in the future, I don’t know what is.

Tech Digest's Robot World Cup: Round 1


Forget the football World Cup. It’s not as if England are ever going to win it again after all. No, the only World Cup worth caring about is Tech Digest’s Robot World Cup, where we’re pitching 64 of the planet’s best bots into a knockout competition to find out who’s best.

Tech Digest's Robot World Cup: Round 1 (first half)


Robots rule. Well, they don’t yet, thankfully, because us humans have cleverly neglected to teach them about battle tactics, gun-handling or human-frying laser technology. But what I mean to say is: they’re pretty cool. But which is the coolest?