YOUTUBE VIDEOS OF THE WEEK: Unbelievable spinning wrestler, and Bush's top 10 moments


This is turning into a great week for web video. On top of the awesome trebuchet we featured yesterday, I couldn’t pick today between the amazing Mexican wrestler, Mascarita Dorada, above and a farewell compilation of George W Bush’s 10 best moments from the David Letterman show in the States. You can see that just over the jump. Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

Bush's Googlebomb hits Obama


Remember when bloggers, a few years back, “googlebombed” former US President George W Bush by linking his official biography to the phrase “miserable failure”? Well, along with the war in Iraq and a devastated economy, poor Obama looks to be inheriting Bush’s googlebomb, too.

Searches for “miserable failure” on Yahoo! and Live Search both bring up Obama’s bio. Google has successfully killed the bomb on its own search engine, however. In the meantime, one enterprising blogger has started a campaign to link the words “Cheerful Achievement” to Obama’s biography. Sounds good. Sign me up.

Cheerful Achievement (via SEO & Web Marketing News)

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