Ministry of Sound still going – launching Ibiza-themed blog, social network and live music portal


Although dance music has turned from something good into a series of abysmal high-pitched reworkings of old songs sung by horrendous blonde slappers, nightclub “lifestyle” chain Ministry of Sound is still going. We really thought it had closed in about 1998.

But not only is MoS still going, it’s expanding – opening up a new web presence based entirely around the goings on and party scene of Ibiza. It is, of course, a social network, offering live TV presented by attractive ladies, blogging…

Bebo and Ministry of Sound team up for a remixing competition, tempt thousands of underagers into their clubs

minstry-of-sound-logo.jpgAdmit the truth – you used to be a Ministry of Sound fan, if not a Ministry of Sound club-goer. I’m happy to admit to the embarassing truth, many years back when I was a 15-year old anglophile living in Australia, I loved nothing more than scouring their magazines, dreaming of their amazing club nights.

And then I moved to London and discovered they’re shite. Whoops. That hasn’t stopped Bebo from targeting other 5-year olds with the temptations of MoS clubbing and probable-illicit drug usage, as they’ve just signed a big deal with each other allowing kiddywinks on Bebo to upload their own dance mixes.