SHINY VIDEO PREVIEW: The Archos 9 PC tablet

I got my hands on the Archos 9 at this morning’s launch. I have to say I like it. It did feel a tad heavy – but at less than 800g that was probably just an illusion because it is so slight it doesn’t look as though it will weigh hardly anything.

The touchscreen was very responsive and the pop-up keyboard is almost full-sized so unless you’ve got some extremely fat fingers there shouldn’t be any problem.

Also at the event Tony Limrick, MD of Archos Northern Europe told the assembled hacks to keep 15th September free for an Archos IMT Android announcement.

He didn’t give too much information away apart from to say that the IMTs would combine what Archos does best – multimedia playback and so on – and combine it with an Android based telephony system – complete with Google Apps.

Archos announces release details for mini PC range

Archos has officially announced its latest mini PC range, although we told you all about them last month. See our original post for the full specs – we’re far too lazy to type it all out again.

The most exciting of the new releases is undoubtedly the Archos 9 touch-screen Mini PC. It’s due to launch in September and will cost either £449.99 or £499.99 depending on the hard drive size – 60GB or 120GB.


Next up, and in no particular order, is the Archos 13s. This lightweight notebook (the screen is far too large for it be considered a netbook according to our new rules) will be out in August and will cost £549.99.


The Archos 10s – the successor to the Archos 10 – is officially the thinnest netbook around. According to Archos it is anyway. Answers on a postcard if you can find one thinner than 22mm. It will cost £329.99 for a 3-cell battery version and £20 more for a 6-cell. Who the heck would but the 3-cell to save £20? Again, it’s out in August.

4 Archos 10s face 2.jpg

Finally is the Archos 9 Classmate – the shockproof, partly water-resistant, kid-friendly netbook. It’s aimed at kids aged five upwards and will be pre-loaded with key-stage educational software. It’s £319.99 and it’s out, you guessed it, in August.


You’ll be able to purchase all of these machines directly from Archos should you so desire.

Archos 9 Windows 7-based mini PC out in September


Queston: When does a media tablet become a mini PC?
Answer: When it’s an Archos 9.

Another year, another two inches and a Windows 7 platform for everyone’s favourite PMP. The Archos 9 sounds more like a netbook with its Intel Atom Z515 800/1200Mz CPU, 1GB DDR3 RAM, 120GB HDD and other assorted capped up letters. In fact, it basically is, minus the keyboard.

Word has it the 8.9″ display is multi-touch with a nice new Li-polymer battery for maximum power efficiency. Connectivity-wise it’s got all you could need with 3G, ‘tooth 2.1, Ethernet and Wi-Fi, and the whole thing weighs under 800g; stereo speakers, a VGA out and 1.3-megapixel webcam and that’s about your lot.

It should be available early autumn for 500€. Not cheap but then these things never are.

UPDATE: Just received the official on this and it also has a DVB-T tuner and will be followed by a 12″ version in 2010.

Archos (via UMPC portal)

Archos 7 preview:

Lenovo announces Ideapad S10 netbook


As it seems every PC manufacturer has to create a small computer to compete with Asus’ Eee PC, Lenovo has announced it is to launch the Ideapad S10 netbook.

Initial specs suggest it will sport a 10 inch backlit LED screen, 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 processor, Windows XP, 512MB or 1GB of RAM, and 80GB or 160GB hard drive. A Linux version could be made available to non-US markets…