Japan's Domo-kun is turned into a Mimoco Mimobot flash drive in time for US series

The whole Shiny Media office is nuts about Mimobot flash drives, in particular the Fairybit Fairybot ones which Shiny Shiny recently gave away in a competition. They’re just so cute, and you can never have enough USB flash drives, they’re like pairs of scissors, you can never have too many in your house.

Hopefully you’ve heard of Domo-kun, the animated character from a Japanese TV network? Up until now, he’s always been more popular over there obviously, but that’s set to change, as he’s hitting the US later this year for his very own TV show…

Win ultra-rare, limited edition Mimobot USB memory sticks with Mimoco

Mimobots are those USB memory sticks for the design-fussy amongst us, who just won’t accept a bog-standard job from Dixons. Normally coming in limited edition sets of just a few thousand, and even Star Wars characters, which Firebox.com will be stocking shortly apparently, a UK exclusive we hear, they’ve suddenly got a lot more attractive.

Mimoco, the company behind the addictive geek apparel, have created a scavenger hunt where between now and the 24th of July (the day the annual Comic Con falls on, which I’d give my right leg to attend) they’ll be revealing one of the nine new Core Series 2 Mimobot USB memory sticks each day. If you happen to be the first to find the site with the ‘breaking news’…