Microsoft's secret 'pink phone' unveiled by Gizmodo

Microsoft pink phone.jpg

Over at Gizmodo there are pictures of what it claims are two of Microsoft’s ‘Pink’ phones. No that’s not the colour of the phone, it’s the secret code name. Well, not so secret anymore – but we wonder how long the pictures will remain there before someone at Microsoft asks them, and now us, to remove them.

The fact that Microsoft has been working on a phone to rival the iPhone has been widely reported for the last few months. The idea is that the handset would be based on the Zune and would have its own app store. How very original.

Pictured are two of Microsoft’s ‘pink’ phones, codenamed “Turtle” and “Pure”.
One of the pictured devices (The Turtle) resembles the chubby, ovoid, Palm Pre while the Pure – which looks more like an HTC device – comes with a keyboard and a decent-looking screen.

Via Gizmodo