Shure debuts the colourful SE115 earphones


Headphone manufacturer Shure has just dropped us word of a couple of new products that they’re bringing to market.

The SE115s are the latest addition to Shure’s noise-isolating range. They come in blue, pink, black and red, and – well – there’s not a whole lot more detail than that being offered, except that they have ‘enhanced bass’. They cost £100, which seems a tad steep, I must admit. As they’re from Shure, though. you can bet they’ll sound good.


Also announced are a pair of USB condenser microphones – the PG27USB and PG42USB. They come with plug and play connectivity, along with zero-latency headphone monitoring, and monitor mix control.

These are most likely targeted at pro audio professionals and podcasters that spend a lot of time travelling – they’ve got a rugged, portable design. The PG27 and PG42 will cost £220 and £270 respectively, and be available from 20th June.