MDA Compact IV. Sort of exclusive to T-Mobile, running Windows Mobile 6.1 – and out before 3G iPhone?

The MDA Compact IV is only “sort of” exclusive to T-Mobile, as the Compact IV is a rebadged version of the HTC Diamond 3G touchy phone. Which is coming out on Orange this June. Confused? Yes. The hot weather’s not helping, either.

The big features of the MDA Compact are its HSDPA technology for fast browsing and use as a modem, Windows Mobile 6.1 for doing BUSINESS, 4GB of internal storage, a 3.1megapixel camera plus, as is most fashionable these days, a touchable screen. Here’s a big photo of it, as it’s clearly quite a very special phone if there’s been such a flurry of licensing and rebranding surrounding it:


The fully 3G MDA Compact IV will be on sale through…